Libya and the Global Enduring Disorder

by Jason Pack

The world seems to have gone directly from a hegemonic US-led international system to an interregnum in global order. The traditional phase of multipolarity—or a restoration of the balance of power, or even a struggle among rival systems of order has been skipped. Welcome to the Enduring Disorder.

“Incisive, academic, and witty, Jason Pack pulls no punches in his sharp critique of the so-called ‘international community’…. Libya and the Global Enduring Disorder is a timely reminder of how aspects of today’s era of global disorder exacerbate governmental dysfunction, encourage rampant corruption, and provide impunity for human rights abusers.”

Stephanie Williams, Former Acting UN Envoy for Libya

“Candid, opinionated, by turns gossipy and scholarly, Jason Pack delivers a lively and provocative assessment of the state of the current global system through the lens of his deeply informed and instructive appraisal of post-Qadhafi Libya.”

Lisa Anderson, Past President American University of Cairo

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